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I love it. Thank you so much.

Perfect worksheets, happy to find your website!
Wishing you all the best!
Thanks a lot! Olga

Hi, I love the range of worksheets you have and different ability levels. I wondered if you could add the topic of Town/City as I can't find anything similar...? It could include buildings, tourist sites, map reading - road elements (traffic lights, etc.) and maybe directions vocabulary. This is always a topic that kids have to cover when learning English.

I really enjoyed the activities. How do I download them.

Thank you so much for the website it's really helpfull,you can find the vocabulary sheets and the worksheets as well, there so many worksheets. keep it up the hard work and thank you one more time.

It is very useful for kids,teachers & parents . parents will teach easily. work sheets also very nice & also all pages are very clarity. so, I like it so much. Thank you very much for you done this activity for all of us.

Thank you!!! I've been looking for vocabulary enrichment for my special ed 5th graders. And I can even quiz them!!

Kudos to the maker/makers of this website. I have been teaching my nephew online since there is Covid and he cannot go to school and your website is very helpful for me and saves me time to make my own materials. I have researched the internet for some materials but most of the time it will require you to subscribe for a fee. Thank you so much for making education within reach by giving and making this free website accessible for all. JESUS bless your kind heart and more power!

Excellent resources thanks.

I Have a question:

May I use some resources in my Online english class in my country?

the class is broadcast in zoom and facebook live.


The website is extremely and I love it. can I ask that you add feelings and commands. I'd really appreciate that. Thank you.

i am interesting your program at website i think it's good for child and young in Myanmar country i like the activities and it is important for our country to learn in English so i would like you to help us in our community

Thank you very much. You are doing great job to help us

Thank you very much for your website. I think this is very useful for teaching English vocabulary for kids. I use it to teach some English to my two little children.

Thank you again

good job . Congratulations.
Thank you very much.

Absolutely useful and well-done. All the activities are engaging for kids. I have been using these sheets for almost 2 years and they always help me a lot with my classes. Keep up the awesome work!

These resources are fabulous for my ESL learners. They cover important topics. Thank you very much!
I was wondering, if you can add
Body Parts and
as they are quite important. I have a wonderful picture dictionary now but those two are missing...
Kindest regards

Thanks a lot for your useful worksheets. Can you do more worksheets. Example: Face, Body, In the town(hospital, school,...), In the country(farm,tractor,...), Flags, Birds,Weather,Months and seasons,Time,Days of the week, Opposites, Position. I'm an English Teacher for children(5-10 years).

I love your vocabulary activities but I miss some about the body.

Thank you very much for these resouces.


thank you for this good Exercises on English Vocabulary

Hello! I'm an English teacher in Bangkok, Thailand. I'd like to use these worksheet for helping the student to learn English easier.They are great. Big Thanks for sharing us.

thank you very much
i am English teacher from Thailand.
Your website is very useful.
your worksheet and flashcard are so wonderful.

Thank you so much for being so kind and sharing with others
I love all your worksheets, the design and graphics!!!
All the best to you

It was amazing to find all these so helpful resources here! I am amazed! Thanks a bunch!!!!!

thank you so much for your worksheets. they're really fine.

A very useful website and great resources.
Thank you

Wonderful worksheets. Very useful.

Hi! I want to congratulate you for doing these useful exercises and sharing them with us. I have printed some of them. They are fantastic!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Hi the creators of this web-site!
It will be better if you could make some activities for Grammar rules with pictures that kids can have fun learning the English Grammar.


How to download from your site? Nothing works for me.

Thank you!

Marina L.

Hi! I was wondering if you by any chance had topic resources for THE FAMILY? your activities and worksheets are great! thank you sooo much for providing us with these aesome resources.

Thank you! :c ool:

Great website, big thanks for sharing with others All the best,
Magda, English teacher in Poland

I love the worksheets but I`m having problems downloading them. What can I do?

cok güzel.elinize sağlık....

I loved all your worksheets
I fell in love them


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